Delta One Narita Detroit A330

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

This is post by Colin, a fellow travel enthusiast. Colin is a Delta Diamond member and he recently took a trip to Singapore where he utilized a Global Upgrade Certificate to travel in Delta One.

This is the final post from the trip, where Colin highlights his experience in Delta One.

The flight experience was similar to the outbound flight from Detroit to Tokyo.

Ground Experience

After having some lunch in Narita, I headed to the gate shortly before boarding began. My upgrade came through just prior to boarding and I was assigned seat 9C, and an aisle in the middle rows. I boarded and sat down, and as beginning to take some photos of the seat when another gentleman arrived with an identical seat assignment. Fortunately the gate agent came running up to us moments later to apologize profusely and informed me that she meant to give me 9K, the window.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330


I moved to 9K but because we were now heavily into the boarding process it wasn’t possible to get good photos of the seats. However they are virtually identical as the ones in my previous post DTW-NRT on the 747. Similarly my seat was stocked with two pillows, a blanket, headphones, a bottle of water, and a Tumi amenity kit (though this one was soft-sided).

Delta One Narita Detroit A330 Delta One Narita Detroit A330


I quickly settled in and began to check out the menus, which were as follows:

Delta One Narita Detroit A330 Delta One Narita Detroit A330

The seats on the A330 do have a bit of space between the end of them, and the window. So its possible to stow some things there (I put my shoes and a few other items)

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

Meal Experience

Once we were airborne the appetizer was served, which I found quite interesting, paired with a nice glass of white wine.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

Following that came the salad course, the mixed veggies and bread honestly was the most flavorful part.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

For dinner I picked the stir-fried pork rib, which was quite tasty even though its presentation left MUCH to be desired.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

Once that was cleared away the dessert cart came around. I of course opted for a ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330 Delta One Narita Detroit A330

After dessert I settled in to watch some tv and was poured the largest ever glass of port I’ve ever been served (not that I’m complaining or anything).

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

In Flight Experience

The rest of the flight was rather un-eventful, I slept for most of it with brief stints watching a movie or two. Once we started getting close our last meal was served.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330

Arrival Meal

I went for the stir-fried chicken, which was great, but hard to eat while curled up in a white blanket.

Delta One Narita Detroit A330


Overall the flight was enjoyable. The seat is similar to the 747. The cabin was comfortable and I was able to sleep for a good part of the flight. The flight attendants were friendly and attentive. I look forward to my next flight in Delta One!

Have you traveled in Delta One on the A330? What are your thoughts?


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