Minnesota State Fair Food Adventure

Minnesota State Fair Food Adventure

This post is Minnesota State Fair Food Adventure. It covers my day at the Minnesota State Fair.

Have you ever been to the Minnesota State Fair?

The Minnesota State Fair is known to locals as the Great Minnesota Get Together. It is 12 days at the end of summer where you can sample so many amazing food options from comfort food to gourmet and everything in between. The Minnesota State Fair Food Adventure is where you can try so many fried foods on a stick or sample craft beers and other awesome options.

In addition to all the great food, you can check out animal exhibits, butter carving contests and so much more. You can even watch animals giving birth.

Besides all those great things, you can check out the midway and try out some thrilling rides.

You are sure to have a blast if you go to the Great Minnesota Get Together.

Food Adventure

I generally go to the fair every couple years because I have two things I just love about the fair.

The first thing is the Corn Roast.

Corn Roast

At the corn roast you can get some amazing grilled corn that is lightly seasoned with butter and salt and pepper.

At $3 it may be the  cheapest item at the fair but in my opinion it is the best.

The staff at the corn roast hand you a large ear of corn that just came off the grill and is ready to eat.

The husks have been pulled away for you and your first bite is sweet and fresh and it is delicious!

Pronto Pup

My second favorite food at the State Fair is the Pronto Pup.

There is a big debate on if a Pronto Pup is better than a corn dog. They look the same, but the batter on the pronto pup is so much better.

I normally get mine with mustard and ketchup but many people like them plain.

There are several stands that sell Pronto Pups throughout the State Fair.

If you have never tried one, I highly recommend it!

New Favorite

This year on the suggestion of a friend I found a new favorite of mine. It is only new to me, because the booth has been around for years and years.

The Kiwanis Malt Stand serves three flavors of malts that are rich and creamy and bold in taste.

The best part, the sales of the malts support a great community service organization made of of business professionals. called Kiwanis.

I am surprised I never tried it before as I participated in a Kiwanis Sponsored college service organization called Circle K.

On the recommendation of the Kiwanis Member at the booth, I ordered a chocolate and strawberry malt.

The selection was so good. I would highly recommend one!

What is your favorite malt flavor?

Deep Fried Olives

Another popular State Fair vendor is the Deep Fried Olives.

The olives are served on a stick and they are battered nicely and fried golden brown. They offer a salty flavor and are excellent.

You can even get spicy ones this year!

We tried the original one and they were served in a thin white sleeve.

A ranch dipping sauce was served on the side which cooled off the hot fried olives.


If you like drinking soda throughout the day, most of the vendors allow you to get refills on a large soda.

For $6 you can buy this glass and then refill it at many of the food vendors for $2 or $3.

The cup features the Minnesota State Fair mascot on the top and helps cool you down on a hot day in the sun!

Turkey Leg

You may find your self starved and want to eat a grilled turkey leg. If that is the case, then head over to to the Texas BBQ Meats Booth and grab one for yourself.

The turkey legs are huge and they are served right off the grill.

Here is one wrapped up and ready to eat.

To me it feels a bit odd biting it right off the bone. But it was grilled well and had a great smokey flavor.

Cheese Curds

One of the classic favorite State Fair food items is Cheese Curds.

The vendor is in the food building and it kicks out the curds in big buckets or small containers.

The cheese curds are fried and are rich and creamy.

You can eat them plane or with ketchup.

I’d suggest sharing the small size with a few people because they are really greasy. But none the less they are really good.

Duke’s Poutine

I tried another new item this year at the state fair.

The Duke’s Poutine Booth serves fresh cut fries that are topped with cheese and gravy.

I really loved the fries and the cheese. The fries were crispy and had a great taste and the cheese and gravy made it decadent.

Poutine is a popular dish so it is nice to see an option for it at the State Fair.

Have you every tried Poutine? What do you think about it?


There are many great rides at the State Fair.

A new option this year is the Giant Ferris Wheel.

The ride towers over the fair and you can experience a new perspective from high in the air on the ride.

I didn’t get a chance to ride it this year, however, I learned it will likely return in the future so I would love to check it out.

Another cool option is the open air cable car ride.

Your feet can dangle as you move along above the sky.


Every day at 2:00 PM, the State Fair Puts on a parade.

I attended the Military Appreciation Parade and it was a fun experience getting to recognize and thank our Military Members and Veterans.

The flags led the parade followed by military members, bands and a whole lot more.

This was one of the many military jeeps.

A Fire Engine Followed supporting the military fire fighters.

Then there were some mascots that participated as well.

The Minnesota Twins Mascot waved at everyone as he went by.

The state fair was originally established as a place for farmers to show off their animals as well as for 4H activities. There are still numerous options for that despite today’s emphasis on the food.

In addition, an interesting car was on display on the parade as well.

This Tesla has wing doors and could be out of Back to the Future but you can actually buy them today!

A local artist painted the sides of the car as well in an art display. What do you think?

Best Part of the Day

The best part of the day for me was during the parade when a military fly over occurred with classic military planes.

It was an incredible site.

It was a beautiful day and it was amazing to recognize the Military Service Members and Veterans.

Thank you to all service members and veterans for keeping America Safe!


Miles and Points

The Minnesota State Fair is primarily a cash only event; however, I found several of the larger food vendors that accepted credit cards. Keep your eye out and you can earn miles and points while you sample some great food at the state fair.

Have you had a Minnesota State Fair Food Adventure?

What was your experience like at the Minnesota State Fair or your local State Fair?



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