Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York

Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York

This article is Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York. It is a review of my experience flying Delta from Minneapolis to New York LaGuardia.

The review is part of my New York Weekend Adventure.

Trip Summary

Date: March 16, 2018

Flight: Delta 1996

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: New York – LGA

Aircraft: 320

Seat: 4D


I booked the Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York trip because a friend of mine had an expiring American Express Delta Companion Pass, which we were able to utilize for the booking.

The price of the ticket was $325, so being able to split it 50% made for an easy getaway to New York.

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Based on my Platinum Status, I received an immediate “upgrade” to the Comfort+ section of the aircraft at the time of booking.

Shortly before the flight, my friend and I both received an upgrade to first class and were assigned seats 4C and 4D.

Check In

My Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York flight was an early morning departure from Minneapolis in the middle of Spring Break.

Upon arrival at the airport, the check in area was very full with other passengers checking in for their spring break adventures.

The security line for both sets of lines were very long and extended well out into the check in area.

I have CLEAR which allows you to bypass the security identification check.

I walked past the main line and was ushered into the initial security line where a drug dog was walking along all the passengers.

Once I exited that que, I approached the CLEAR check in area, and the agent asked me to use my retina scan to verify my identity.

After I scanned my boarding pass, the CLEAR agent escorted me to the security line and the TSA rep allowed me to walk by after I showed my boarding pass.

The security screening took three minutes once I reached the Pre-Check lane.

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The Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York flight departed from the F gates.

After visiting the Delta Sky Club and Escape Lounge, I made my way to the gate area at the scheduled boarding time.

The gate area had a medium level of activity and seats were available.

Boarding began about 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

I joined the line when the Premium group was invited to board.

After joining a small line, the gate agent greeted me and asked me to scan my boarding pass. After I scanned it, a new boarding pass was issued with the upgraded seat. The gate agent thanked me and wished me a good flight.

I joined a small line in the jet bridge before entering the airplane.

Two flight attendants greeted me at the entrance and welcomed me on board.

I located my seat and relaxed for a few minutes before a flight attendant took my jacket and offered a pre-departure beverage.

I requested orange juice and a flight attendant provided it shortly after.

The orange juice was chilled and it had a fresh taste.

Boarding continued for about 20 minutes.

The door was closed on schedule, however, there was a 10-minute delay before the plane pushed back.

After a five-minute taxi the plane raced down the runaway heading towards New York.


I was assigned seat 4D, which is a window seat in the first-class cabin.

The seat was a recliner first class seat with a power port in the seat back in front of me.

The 320 had an updated interior with new overhead bins.

The aircraft had enhanced WiFi and offered streaming entertainment.

In Flight Experience

About 15 minutes after my Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York flight was up in the air, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for meal service.

A flight attendant greeted me and offered a hot towel.

The towel was hot and it had a pleasant scent and was refreshing.

The flight attendant picked up the hot towel and then provided a placemat a minute or two later.

Beverages were offered to all passengers prior to taking the guests meal order. Chex Cereal was the breakfast offering for the flight.

When the flight attendant approached my seat, I requested a Bloody Mary.

The flight attendant provided it a few minutes later.

The drink was garnished with a lime. The drink was poured strong. The mix was fresh and it had a good taste.

Meal Service

The meal service was served shortly after.

The cereal breakfast was served on a decorative tray.

The tray was setup neatly and it included cereal, strawberry yogurt, croissant and fruit medley. Milk was served with the cereal and butter and jam was served with the croissant.

The cereal was fresh and it had a slightly sweet taste.

The fruit included blueberries, pineapple and strawberries. The fruit was fresh and it was cut up neatly.

The croissant was served chilled. The croissant was soft and it had a good taste overall but did not taste fresh.

The flight attendant checked back with me while I was enjoying the meal and offered a second drink.

Shortly after I finished the meal, the flight attendant offered to remove the tray. He offered another drink at that time.

The flight attendant was attentive throughout the flight.


The flight lasted about two hours and shortly before landing, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing.

The passengers in the first class cabin were thanked by the flight attendants prior to landing.

The plane vectored a bit before preparing to land in New York.

There was a pretty cloud cover throughout the flight so I snapped a few pictures along the journey.

Once we were cleared for landing the plane made its way down to the airport.

There was medium taxi to the gate before the plane arrived and we were able to depart.

The flight arrived early despite the short initial delay and vectoring around the city.

The flight attendants thanked the passengers as they exited the plane.

My friend and I made our way into the city for our New York Weekend Adventure.


My Delta Airlines Minneapolis New York experience was good overall. The flight attendants were polite and they made me feel welcomed. The meal service was good overall. It was a pleasant surprise receiving the upgrade at the gate. I look forward to another trip on Delta in the near future.


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