Millennium Hilton New York Experience

Millennium Hilton New York Experience

This article is Millennium Hilton New York Experience. It is a review of my stay at the Millennium Hilton New York which is located near the United Nations.

The article is part of my New York Weekend Adventure Trip.


I booked my stay at Millennium Hilton New York using cash at a rate of $185. The hotel fortunately is not one of the ones that has a Resort Fee, so the total with tax is about $200.

I plan to use a Hilton Rebate from the Las Vegas Vacation Ownership Presentation that I attended this past January.

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The Millennium Hilton New York Experience is located near the United Nations by 44th St and 1st Avenue. The hotel is located across the street from the United Nations and offers views of the water and Long Island City.

The hotel is accessible by train; however, you need to walk from Lexington and 42nd Street / Grand Central several blocks. Busses are also available outside the hotel.


I arrived for the Millennium Hilton New York Experience in the late afternoon.

Upon arrival at the desk, I noted three guest service agents present and zero other guests were waiting.

Check In

As soon as I reached the reception desk, the agent invited me forward and offered to assist me.

After I requested to check in, the agent asked for my name and used it during the interaction. The agent confirmed the room details and thanked me for being a Hilton Diamond Member. The agent said that he upgraded me to a room on the top floor that offered a view.

The agent provided an overview about the hotel features as well as invited me to the Executive Club Lounge for evening reception and breakfast in the morning.

The agent provided a bag with two bottles of water in it.

The agent processed the registration efficiently and welcomed me to the hotel and wished a pleasant stay.


I was assigned room 4041 which was located on the top floor of the hotel at the Millennium Hilton New York Experience.

The room was a two bed room with a large desk.

The rooms was upgraded and the lights and other items could be controlled next to the beds as well as on a panel on the wall in the room.

The beds were setup neatly and the linens were in good condition.

The desk was located in front of the television.

A small sitting area was also available near the window.

The window offered a view of Long Island City in Queens.


The bathroom was setup neatly.

The bathroom offered a large shower with a rain shower head and a standard shower-head. The shower was clean and the water temperature was medium.

The amenities were the standard Hilton options and body wash was also provided at the hotel.

The toilet was clean and the vanity area offered a sufficient amount of space.

Lounge Experience

I visited the Executive Club Lounge on the 30th floor in the evening for the reception.

The lounge featured for purchase wines as well as complimentary sodas and juices.

The lounge offered one hot food item and several chilled snacks.

The food was setup neatly in the lounge area.

The alcohol was on an honor system where you note your room number and name on a form and give to an agent that is walking around the room.

The lounge offered views of the United Nations and it was setup neatly.

The staff member in the lounge greeted me and was friendly and polite.

I grabbed a snack and relaxed for a few minutes.

Overnight Service

The beds at the Millennium Hilton were a bit firm but I was able to sleep for part of the night.

The room was quiet throughout the stay. The heating and air conditioning system functioned.

The only drawback to the room was the control panel had the video upside down so it was difficult to use. Fortunately, I was able to adjust the temperature in the room.

Check Out

I had to leave the Millennium Hilton New York Experience very early due to a 6:00 AM flight out of LaGuardia.

I returned to the front desk to check out. When I arrived no team members were present and zero other guests were waiting.

After waiting for about a minute, an agent arrived and offered help. After I requested to check out, he said that the computer system was down but he asked me if I had an email on file. I said yes and he said he would email me the folio when the computer was back up.

The agent thanked me for staying at the hotel and he wished me a good day.

I departed the hotel via Lyft and made my way to the airport.

While I was at the airport, I received the receipt and noted that the Internet charge of $9.95 was included on the bill. The internet should have been complimentary due to the fact that I was a Hilton Honors Member.

I called the hotel and the front desk agent apologize and said that he would remove it from the bill and credit my account. I did not receive an updated receipt by the following day, so I had to call back to the hotel.


I enjoyed my Millennium Hilton New York Experience overall. The hotel was in a quiet place near the United Nations and it offered good views from the top floors overlooking Queens and Long Island City. The staff that I met were friendly and I felt welcome. The room was comfortable overall. The heating controls and electronic control screen in the room was upside down so it was difficult to use; however, the room was otherwise good. The lounge experience was good overall.



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