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How To Decide Which Blogger Link To Use For The Chase Ink 60K

If you follow a variety of travel and points blogs, you’ve no doubt already heard of the latest and greatest credit card deal that just popped up. First2Board is no exception: Traveling Well For Less and What’s Your Point? have already weighed in.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, the big news is that Chase has upped the sign-up bonus on their Ink Small Business cards to 60K after spending $5K in 3 months. Up until today the standard offer has been 50K, so this is a nice bump. The increase is in honor / support of National Small Business Week, and you can read more about the two Ink cards (and a couple others) on the Chase website.

There’s going to be a lot of moaning about affiliate links and bloggers over the next week, but I think this is a great offer and is certainly worth writing about:

  • It’s a big bonus (60K Ultimate Rewards Points are worth quite a lot if used smartly)
  • It’s bigger than usual (60K vs. 50K)
  • It’s only available for a limited time (through June 22)
  • It’s publicly-available and doesn’t require any strange hoops or “browser tricks” to get the offer to show

That said, if you follow blogs using an RSS reader (make sure to add Food, Wine, and Miles to your RSS list!), it might look something like this right now:


And don’t expect it to stop after today. There will undoubtedly be a few reminder posts, a few posts about the best uses of Chase Ultimate Reward points (FWIW my favorites are transferring to United and Hyatt), and a few LAST DAY!!! posts.

I am planning to jump on this offer, but I can’t decide which link to use. Offers like this one are big business for bloggers, as each sign-up can net a pretty sizeable referral payout. I don’t have any credit card affiliate links, so I don’t know exactly how big they are, but it’s pretty safe to assume we’re talking 3 figures per approval. Multiply that by a lot of sign-ups, and it’s offers like these that really pay the bills.¬†Which leads me to this question: How do you decide which blogger link to use for the Chase Ink 60K?

If you’re trying to figure that out for yourself, allow me to offer a few questions you can ask yourself:

Am I friends with any bloggers who have an affiliate link?

If you have a friend who is a blogger, and if that friend has an affiliate link for this offer, then be a good friend and hook them up! Affiliates aren’t allowed to pay you a cut for using their link, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your drinks / dinner are free next time you meet up with them :)

Do I enjoy reading the blog / do I get useful information from it?

Credit card referrals represent a very significant % of many bloggers’ blogging income, and since all blog content is given away free to readers, using credit card referral links is a nice way to “pay them back”.

The question then, is who do you want to “pay back” for their great blog content? Over the past few years, I’ve tried to spread the love around to different bloggers whose content I really enjoy – either because it’s very insightful and helpful, or just because I find it entertaining and fun to read (or sometimes all of the above). If you have a favorite blogger, there’s a good chance they have an referral link for this offer – so head on over to their page and help them out, this blogging thing takes a lot more time and energy than you probably realize!

Does the blogger have a reputation of pushing suboptimal offers?

One of the reasons bloggers as a group have gotten a lot of flack lately is because some insist on pushing their referral link, even when other, better offers are readily available. It’s a deplorable practice if you ask me, and doesn’t deserve to be rewarded. If the bloggers you follow have a reputation for putting your interests ahead of their own (i.e. publicizing the best offer, even when it doesn’t earn them a referral), then hook them up! If on the other hand, they have a reputation for pushing questionable sign-ups, then don’t!

Do I have to use a blogger referral link?

In some cases, yes – there have been instances when the best offers out there are only available via referral links. This is not one of those cases. If you’d rather apply directly via Chase (it has no bearing whatsoever on your likelihood of approval), then you can do that. Here is the link:¬†


For those of you who are jumping in on this deal, how are you going about deciding which link to use? Are you taking into account any factors I didn’t mention?

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