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A Nice Refurb At The Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside

When I’m up in the Portsmouth, NH area for work, I almost always stay at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside – mostly because it’s the only Starwood hotel in the area. Thus far, I’d found the rooms to be pretty tired and dated (take a look at my first review here to see what I mean). Even when I got upgraded to a spacious “Port Of Call” suite, the decor was really, really old – though it did come with a full kitchen and a working fireplace, so I can’t complain too much!

With all that said, I just check in again and got one of the newly refurbished rooms for the first time. What a difference!

Take a look at the main bedroom area:

sheraton-portsmouth-harborside-new-bedroom-1 sheraton-portsmouth-harborside-new-bedroom-2

The upgrade to the bathroom is even more striking:

sheraton-portsmouth-harborside-new-bathroom-1 sheraton-portsmouth-harborside-new-bathroom-2

Probably my favorite aspect of the update is the fact that they thoughtfully placed electrical outlets on both of the bedside tables. It’s a small detail, but makes it a lot easier to work in / on the bed (which I’ve been known to do quite often).


They’ve also change their Platinum Amenity policy: you no longer need to choose between a local amenity and 500 points – you get both! I chose the “local craft beer” option (rather than hot cocoa), and while I would’ve liked something a bit more local (like a Portsmouth Brewery or Smuttynose), I’m a fan of Sam Adams Winter Lager, so no complaints here!


If you find yourself at this hotel in the coming months, make sure to request a room on the 3rd floor. The 2nd and 4th floors are scheduled to be updated later this year, but still have the old decor for the time being.

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