NYC’s Five Finest Steakhouses

NYC is home to some of the finest steakhouses around – but how do you pick just one? Tip #1 – don’t :) Tip #2 – go with any of these places and you won’t be disappointed (Sorry Peter Luger fans, I’m restricting this list to Manhattan steakhouses):


Hey there beautiful

Hey there beautiful

Sparks is known for their Sirloin – it’s not usually my cut of choice, but theirs is truly outstanding. They also have great shellfish appetizers (oysters, shrimp cocktail), the perfect start to any great steakhouse meal if you ask me. Their wine list is very good, and very long – I really love their wide selection of Napa Cabernets. The vibe is old school and classic. Check out my review of Sparks here


Wolfgang's Tribeca (via Wolfgang's)

Wolfgang’s Tribeca (via Wolfgang’s)

Wolfgang’s started as a spinoff of Peter Luger’s, but quickly established itself as one of the premier steakhouses in NYC. They now have 3 separate Manhattan locations (Tribeca is my personal favorite), as well outposts in Beverly Hills, Waikiki and Miami. The Porterhouse for 2 (or 3 or 4) is the signature steak, and it’s just outstanding – served on a sizzling plate in all its buttery goodness. My favorite side dish is the German potatoes, and while there are several great desserts, the real star of the final course is the homemade whipped cream (aka “schlag”). Don’t make the mistake of going schlag-less when you order dessert!

Porterhouse New York

Cowboy Rib Steak (via Porterhouse New York)

Cowboy Rib Steak (via Porterhouse New York)

Porterhouse New York is the most modern steakhouse on this list, but they can certainly hold their own with the old guard. Located in the Time Warner Center, the restaurant has a beautiful view of Columbus Circle and Central Park. Despite the name, my favorite steak is actually the Bone-in Cowboy Rib Steak. Yes, it’s the most expensive one on the menu – but it’s so juicy and well-marbled, that I just can’t say no. The bone adds a lot of great flavor, and my favorite bites are those extra-rate ones right next to the bone. I’m starting to salivate just thinking about it!


Established in 1885, Keens is one of NYC's oldest restaurants

Established in 1885, Keens is one of NYC’s oldest restaurants

Keens is one of NYC’s oldest restaurants – and definitely gives off that vibe (in a good way). They’re famous for the tens of thousands of corn cob pipes that cover the ceilings throughout the entire restaurant. They even have a display case with the pipes used by all kinds of famous patrons, from Babe Ruth to Albert Einstein. Oh, and the food is exceptional. The steaks are delicious, but they’re actually most known for their massive mutton chop – which looks like it should be served in a competitive eating contest. My favorite deserts are the red berry bibble, and the butterscotch sundae (which is made with homemade butterscotch). Check out my review of Keens here

Strip House

The scenery inside Strip House is unlike any other steakhouse I've ever been to (via Strip House)

The scenery inside Strip House is unlike any other steakhouse I’ve ever been to (via Strip House)

I’ve talked enough about great steaks – and believe me, Strip House is no exception on that front. What makes them truly unique though is their swanky, sultry vibe: the red leather furniture, the dark red lighting – it’s very unusual and very unique. When at Strip House, you have to order the Strip – and as you probably could’ve guessed, I prefer the bigger, bone-in version :)


Here’s one more that you probably haven’t heard of:

Knickerbocker Bar & Grill

If you’ve already tried all the great places above, I highly recommend going off the beaten path and trying the Knickerbocker Bar & Grill in the Village. The steak is really, really good (T-bone is their specialty) – and it’s much more affordable than any of the “big guys”. They also have live jazz on the weekends, which is a really nice touch!


Did I cover any of your favorite NYC steakhouses? Or more importantly, did I miss any?

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