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Flora Farms – San Jose del Cabo

Flora’s Field Kitchen

Flora Farms Kitchen

Flora Farms Kitchen

In October, I noticed that a friend of mine was vacationing in Cabo and, as it is one of my favorite destinations, I took particular interest in one of the photos he posted. He was sitting on a bench surrounded by lush greenery in front of a sign, ‘Flora Farm’. I remembered that picture and contacted  Eric before my departure to remind me of the name….he responded with something to the effect of  ‘You will love it! Be sure to get good directions!’


He was right…it is a difficult place to find! Turning right at the ‘bombero‘ (fire department) in San Jose, across a long bridge spanning a sandy arroyo covered with low scrub vegetation, we eventually reached a roundabout with a huge statue noting the entrance to Puerto Los Cabos Resort. Turning left there, we headed towards the marina checking the sign posts at each roundabout until we finally found the one directing us left off the paved road onto a sandy, pothole covered, windy, hilly roller coaster of a road.

The road to Flora Farm

However as we crested the top of the last hill we descended into a little bit of paradise nestled in a valley in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains.

Garden Oasis in the Desert

Our lunch  didn’t begin with a meal …. it began surprisingly with a private tour of the gardens. We had arrived about an hour early in the hopes that we could have a wander around before lunch. We happened to encounter Margie,an expat American who has been living in Los Cabos for over twenty years. She recently moved to San Jose from Cabo to eliminate the daily commute. As she was free for a bit, she offered to take us on a mini-farm tour through the gardens. Flora Farm offers farm tours to guests daily at 1 and 4 pm.

Strolling through the Garden

 As we strolled up and down row after row of fresh herbs, heirloom tomatoes and radishes, lettuces, vegetables, mango trees, hibiscus (used for seasoning and teas) and more than I can really list, she explained the history of the farm. Everything served in the restaurant is produced on these ten acres which have been carefully nurtured by the owners, Patrick and Gloria Greene, who purchased the farm seventeen years ago. We also learned about the water and irrigation systems which consist of a 35 foot deep well and a water retention pond. All of the drinking water and water used for washing the freshly picked vegetables before food prep in the kitchen is filtered on site.

Hibiscus Flowers at Flora Farm

Hibiscus Drying Naturally in the Sun

Giving credence to the ‘farm to table’ concept in the open air restaurant, we sat only a few butterfly wing spans from the garden itself. As we ate, several individuals were busy in the plot, watering the newly transplanted lettuces or harvesting squash blossoms.

Flora Farm Kitchen

We started with a Farmarita, a special margarita made with fresh organic carrot juice and tequila and sprinkled with hot chili peppers.

Flora Farm ‘Farmrita’

The Farmarita is probably the most healthy alcoholic beverage I have ever encountered and it was followed by an amuse-bouche, radish ravioli. The dish was prepared with two varieties of thinly sliced heirloom radishes, encompassing a goat cheese center, garnished with a pickled radish and fennel pesto. Not a great fan of radish, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at the infusion of flavors and textures. Who would think an organic carrot juice cocktail and radish ravioli would end up setting the tone for the day?

Radish Ravioli with Goat Cheese

For soup, we both chose roasted eggplant fennel which was topped with carmelized onions and fresh croutons. Each taste offered a small explosion of flavor to the mouth.  The soup definitely begged to have the last drop sopped up by the fresh, crusty farm bread….and we did!

Roasted Eggplant and Fennel Soup

Mixed greens salad with a light, tangy vinagarette dressing.

Garden Salad

For my main course I had Shrimp served with ratatouille of fresh farm vegetables…..

Shrimp with Vegetable Ratatouille

…while Ray had the Chicken Sausage Ragout. The naturally raised chickens come from the Greene’s ranch which is located north of San Jose.

Free Range Chicken Sausage Ragout

We finished with a piece of moist, rich carrot cake topped with a luscious, cream cheese icing.

Luscious Carrot Cake

After lunch we visited the Flora Farm Grocery stocked with  fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, breads and pastries, sweets, pickled goods, sauces, dressings and preserves – all produced on the premises. There is also a selection of crafts from local artisans including clay bean pots and candles. In addition to the Grocery, there is also a gift shop as well as a shop featuring handcrafted artisan jewelry.

Fresh Vegetables in the Farm Store

With a stunning environment and incredibly fresh farm to table cuisine, Flora Farm is a must visit if you are vacationing in Los Cabos.

Flora Farms – San Jose del Cabo


If you go:

Tuesday through Saturday

  • Breakfast Table – No reservations required
  • Lunch 11-2:30 Reservations suggested
  • Dinner 6-9:3- Reservations suggested
  • Sunday Brunch 10-2:30  Reservations required (no dinner service)
Flora Farms, Las Animas Bajas
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
+52 (1) 624 355 4564


Almost Lunch Time! My Own Flora Farm Picture!



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