Apple 12 Days of Gifts – Mr. Crab – Day 11

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas Apple gave to me…             Mr. Crab

Illusion Labs’ latest game is a vertical platform auto-running game that simply requires you to know when to jump and how high to jump to avoid obstacles. Mr. Crab’s controls may sound easy, and its colorful visuals might appear to be a bit young for some, but this friendly crustacean offers players loads of challenge.Crab

With his bright red shell, babies, goggly eyes, and a hat slightly askew on his head, Mr. Crab is a delightful crustacean character. Each level he attempts to climb in order to reach the summit essentially loops in a circle and if you miss a jump It means falling down to a lower platform and up you go again. As Mr. Crab travels the circle, he collects his baby crabs along the way. Hazards can cause the baby crabs to fall off but Mr. Crab has the ability to retrace his steps and collect them again. As players progress through the game, platforms get smaller, more precise jumps are required and close attention must be paid to Mr. Crab’s environment. There are a whopping 44 levels to conquer in this game, each increasing in difficulty and pulling the player in as he progresses.

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I actually downloaded this game because I enjoyed Rayman’s Jungle so much and decided to give Mr. Crab a quick play before sitting down to write. I have to admit, I was quite taken with the game…and experienced the right amount of frustration when I had to repeat a direction. I did learn that some of those drops worked in my favor…or would that be Mr. Crab’s favor?  Although the game might feel a bit repetititive, it may be one of those games you play for a while, put down, but eventually pick it back up.Crab 5

According to the app store summary:

  • Mr. Crab combines a cute, colorful style with elegantly designed platforming. The one-touch controls ensure it’s easy to start playing, but the challenge quickly escalates as dozens of new gameplay elements are introduced. Mr. Crab will have you scuttling for collectibles and racing for high scores in each of the game’s vibrantly themed levels.

If you aren’t running iOS 7, or don’t have the 12 Days of Gifts app installed on your iPhone or iPad you can download Mr. Crab here. 

Apple’s 12 Days of Giveaways is making a game player out of me! How about you? Are you downloading and playing the games?

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                                         If you are interested in Exploring more of Illusion Labs games please feel free to access iTunes by using the link below.

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