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A Better US Airways MasterCard

 The US Airways Mastercard Increased Sign-up BonusUS A330

Much of the news flying around the blogs these days is the fact that US Airways is not charging exorbitant fuel charges for redemptions on British Airways awards. This was covered pretty extensively in a piece written by The Points Guy. Basically what he did was to price out an award by looking at American Airlines and British Airways and compared the results to US Airways redemptions.  For the present, it appears that US Airways redemptions are far more reasonable and affordable than either British Airways or even American (which is still better than BA).

With all of that in mind, it may be time to revisit your thinking on the US Airways MasterCard if you do not already have one. The basic offer has just increased to 40,000 miles on first spend. The $89 yearly fee is not waived… but 40,000 miles for $89 is a good deal.

 There’s a whole package of US Airways benefits you can only get with the card including:

However, the benefit I like the most is that when you are booking an award ticket on US Airways, the card gives you a 5,000 mile discount off the amount of award miles needed.

So, if you are wanting to take advantage of a BA award flight that is affordable and have a great credit card in your wallet… then the US Airways MasterCard might be just the one you need!

[The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®]

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