My Blog Has Hiccups

Yes, my blog has the hiccups…

and it is turning out to be quite the daunting task to get rid of them!Hiccups

Do you remember the song…’Where Have All the Flowers Gone’? Well, I could probably write a new version of that song called ‘Where Have All my Pictures Gone’? One of the most desperate feelings that one can have is when you realize that you have lost something important…and that is just what has happened.

During the transition of my blog to Carolina Travel Girl, all, yes, all of the pictures disappeared from my posts. One would think that it would be an easy proposition to just pop back in and add them back, but alas, although most of the pictures appear in my photo library, the majority of them are ‘hidden’ for some reason and it requires quite a bit of searching to find the correct one and re-insert it.

Detective-Girl (740x900)


Despite the best efforts of both of the site administrators, an easy fix has not been forthcoming but I have to give them kudos for their attempts to discover the source of the problem. Yes, there are some relatively easy methods to search out the photos and sometimes they pop right up and it is just a matter of re-inserting them into a post. Some, however, are a bit more elusive and require a great deal of detective work to suss them out of the hundreds of images I have stored on my computer.


Many of my posts tend to be picture heavy trip reports or reviews so the task ahead seems quite daunting at times. Rest assured that I am working my way through, post by post, to add the pictures back.

Keep Calm 2

So, for regular readers… thanks, as always, for reading. For those of you who are new readers to my blog, thank you for stopping by and exploring my site. If you will bear with me, soon all will be back to normal.

I am Keeping Calm and Carrying on!

2 Comments on "My Blog Has Hiccups"

  1. Let me know if you want a hand, there has to be an easier fix than reinserting them manually.

    • Carolina Travel Girl | May 4, 2014 at 11:08 pm | Reply

      Thanks so much! I feel there has to be a better way too. What is so perplexing is the ‘hidden’ photos in the Gallery….and that some are discoverable….and others seem not to be.

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