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All A-Flutter over The Mr. Pickles’ Tweet on Twitter

You may have seen the following Tweet on Twitter today:

Well, here is the story behind the Tweet.

I walked into a certain store today to make a certain purchase. When I approached the cashier, I was greeted with “I’m sorry. We only take cash for that item now.” I replied that I didn’t think that was so because I had just successfully completed the same transaction a few days ago (yesterday actually).

No, she insisted and summoned the manager, who pulled out the dreaded Corporate Memo. He did, however, agree to let me ‘try’ using my credit card for the purchase.  And, yes, it did go through.

I stayed for a few minutes while they were perusing the memo and listened carefully.  ‘Yes, it’s on the list’ then ‘I wonder why it’s on the list if it is still allowed?’ and ‘I know the Green Dots won’t work with credit cards anymore’ followed by a little more discussion on the topic.

Mr. Pickles may be right in his Tweet (he’s been right before, you know) – maybe today is the day you should be doing a lot of shopping.

What is your experience? What do you think?

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