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SilverCar ‘Hello to Summer’ Discount

SilverCar Offers a 30% Off Code

for the Month of JuneSilverCar3


Audi A4

Have you tried SilverCar yet? It is a relatively new startup car rental agency that has a fleet which is entirely composed of silver Audi A4 sedans. SilverCar can be found at SFO, DFW, Dallas/Love Field, Austin,and their newest market, Phoenix. They are celebrating the arrivial of summer with a 30% Off promo code for your rental.

Use code HEYJUNE for 30% off Silvercar all month long

Note:  If it is your very first rental, and you are renting for one day only, then the code mrpickles will earn you $50 off your rental. 

If you have not rented from SilverCar before and would like a $25 off referral code, you can enter carolinatravelgirl into the Referral Code box. At the end of your rental, you will receive a $25 credit and I will too.  Thanks for any support! *** (see Fine Print Below)

SilverCar Facts:

***  Fine Print:

(Referral Code and 30% Code are not stackable – However,First Time Use and mrpickles discount code are stackable – $50 off and $25 for future rental. The Referral code goes in when you create an account – the discount code goes in when you create a reservation. Best case – create an account for you and spouse/partner/SO so that you both can take advantage of the codes.)


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