15 Things I Never Leave Home Without – Travel Tips

When Traveling Abroad, There are Certain Must Haves that I Pack


Doonagore Castle, Doolin, County Clare, Ireland

Traveling can be as much stressful as it is fun.  Having a list of a set of things that you bring with you each time you travel helps to alleviate some of that stress. Of course, like millions of other travelers, I always carry my SmartPhone and my iPad (although I am thinking of switching to an iPad mini). So, in addition to those, here are some of my essentials:


Small Flashlight – useful for walking at night and for keeping by my bed in a hotel room

Umbrella – small enough to fit in a purse but big enough to keep my head and shoulders dry.

Two small clothespins – the uses are endless.

Universal Adaptor

Universal Adaptor

Universal Adaptor -please don’t buy a kit – you can get an all-in-one which is more compact.

Waterproof jacket – speaks for itself

Fold-away shopping bag (many countries no longer supply bags for purchases without paying for it)

Kindle ( as much as I love holding a book, having a Kindle with multiple books loaded is a godsend)

Wet wipes – I use these on the plane for wiping down the armrest and tray table – even in First.



Travel Documents – the obvious being my Passport. I also take a copy of the front page – hidden deep in my luggage for the offchance that my passport is stolen or lost.

Debit Card – the easiest way to obtain currency upon arrival in a foreign country. ATMs are typically located in the airport. The exchange rate tends to be more favorable than using a Money Exchange.

Large ZipLoc Bags – Keep leftovers fresh, separate wet or dirty clothes, and so much more.

Travel Itinerary and Booking Receipts – I still take paper copies in case I cannot access the information from my phone.

Portable US Charger

Portable USB Charger

Extra Phone Charger – I use a Mophie for my iPhone and also carry a portable USB charger

Fold-up Packable Duffle Bag – Takes up little room and is great if you end up buying items on your travels

Bose Headphones – not only do they cancel airplane noise and chatter, they are an essential part of my being able to sleep on a plane. I plug them in to my phone, access my ‘Plane Music’ playlist, and off to sleep I go!

Bose Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

What items are in your bag that you can’t leave at home when you travel?

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