Celebrate Keyless Entry with SPG’s ‘Open the World’

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Many hotel chains are beginning to make a transition to optional keyless entry with Starwood Hotels being among them. With SPG Keyless, your smartphone acts as your room key, allowing you to bypass checking in at the front desk altogether if you wish. After downloading the Starwood app you will be asked to register your phone. If an upcoming stay is eligible for SPG Keyless, you’ll get a push notification at which point you can choose to go keyless. When your room is ready, you’ll get another notification to view your room number and unlock your door. A list of the participating properties can be found here. Lucky, at One Mile at a Time, has actually tested the keyless option and wrote an excellent, detailed explanation on just how it works.

In conjunction with SPG Keyless, Starwood has created the Open the World Sweepstakes, an online ‘game’ of sorts where you can enter to win some pretty noteworthy prizes. You may enter twice daily from now until September 30th. Accessing the main page you will be asked to enter your Starwood Preferred Guest number as well as an email address.SPG Open the world 2

Choosing an Apple Watch, iPhone or Android phone, you will be asked to choose one of a series of closed doors.SPG Open the World 6

As you click your mouse, the lock on the door will glow green (how neat!) and the door opens to reveal a highlighted Starwood property and your prize (or not). I thought that perhaps the properties might be some of those on the list of participating properties, but apparently this is not the case.SPG Open the world 3

Needless to say, I did not win. But I definitely will be playing my twice a day over the next three weeks!

Starwood is offering the following prizes:

  • One Free Night Award for any SPG participating category 1-5 hotel or resort (award must be consumed by March 31, 2016)
  • 25,000 Starpoints
  • 10,000 Starpoints
  • 5,000 Starpoints
  • 1,000 Starpoints
  • American Express $10 Gift Card*
  • Amazon $25 Gift Card*
  • Amazon $50 Gift Card*

The complete Terms and Conditions of the Sweepstakes can be found here.

Here is an interesting data point… I tried to play using my husband’s SPG number, but for some reason, it said he was ineligible and directed me to the Terms and Conditions. After reading through them, I did not discover any reason that would disqualify him from playing. I Tweeted a question to Starwood but have yet to receive an answer. I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see if I can determine what the issue may be.

And, being a dog lover, I really loved this SPG Keyless video:

At any rate, have fun playing! I hope you are one of the lucky ones to win mega-Starpoints!


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