Hello!  I am one of the founding partners of First2Board and current owner. You can contact me at stacey@explorations.guru.  Simply put, I love to travel.  For the past 15 years I’ve been traveling for business and pleasure.  Along the way I’ve found my passion: exploring the world and having a good meal while doing it.

I have worked for several technology companies and several National Hockey League Teams. These unique career choices have given me ample opportunity to explore travel and hospitality.

I first started the blog VeryGoodPoints and after much consideration decided to restart as ExplorationsGuru. I really don’t write anything about points & miles which most people associated with the name VeryGoodPoints. ExplorationsGuru describes what I’m doing. Exploring. I’m glad you followed me here and hope you continue to follow me on my path to exoneration.

I have been featured in and have contributed to NewsWeek, US News & World Report, USA Today, Huffington Post and Huffington Post Live.

Happy Traveling!