It Shall Be Our Little Secret!

My readership is extremely intelligent. You recognize an opportunity when it is presented – heck, even when it is only buried in a post.

In light of feedback from readers and friends, I want to reassure you of this: Anyone who has ever shared a trick with me, knows that I keep it secret. This is not changing with this blog. When you share something with me confidentially, I will never share it. I will not share it in person. I will not share it on internet. Your secret is my secret.

I have plenty of room and time for thought; there is no need to violate discretion. I discover things every day and I share what I believe to benefit or entertain a wide readership here on this blog. And when I don’t, I won’t write filler posts. Your feedback is most appreciated, whether positive or negative.

It's our secret

It shall be our little secret

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