Buy Visa Gift Cards For $1.21 Per Card

Visa gift cards are a popular method forcompleting the minimum spend on credit cards require for a sign-up bonus as well as to accelerate your points earning.

Until recently, Visa gift cards purchased from were officially only earning 1% cashback when going there via the Simply Best Coupons shopping portal. However, the following shopping portals are now offering 1.5%:

Sample Math for Order

If you order 4 $500 cards with a $6.95 purchase fee and a flat USPS Delivery Confirmation shipping fee of $7.45, the order total comes to $2,035.25.  The shipping fee should not earn cashback, but the $2,027.80 portion should. 1.5% of $2,027.80 is $30.41.  So after accounting for the cashback, the total cost per card is $1.21. That’s not so bad for being able to order these from a computer.

Which one of the above 3 portal should you use?

With iConsumer, in addition to the straight-up 1.5% cashback, you also earn shares in iConsumer. In other words, your earnign rates is actually at least 1.5%. If those shares will ever be worth something, only time will tell. Additionally, just for signing up through this link, you will earn 100 shares to get you started.

Update 1 (no longer offer a sign-up bonus): If you have never used TopCashBack, they currently offer a $10 bonus when signing up through this link. It’s hard to beat hard cash.

So, if you don’t have a TopCashBack account yet, I’d go with that. Otherwise, I’d go with iConsumer.

Let points take you to dream places

Let points take you to dream places

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  1. It does not look like the $10 TopCashBack is still valid.

  2. Yazing pays you quickly!

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