ThankYou For Nothing Citi – 10% Cashback At Starbucks Offer Limited To Only $3, One Time Only, and One Month Only!

Well, I got excited, when I saw this offer on my Citi ThankYou Premier:

Citi ThankYou Premier 10% Cashback at Starbucks?

Citi ThankYou Premier 10% Cashback at Starbucks?

At the first glance, that sounds pretty good.

But then I read the fine print and saw this:

Offer Details:
Earn 10% cash back on delicious, handcrafted beverages at Starbucks. Each is made just for you, exactly how you like it. You can also earn 10% cash back on a full array of Starbucks(R) breakfast and lunch items, and baked treats. View the complete menu or find your local Starbucks(R) store. Try our Caramel Macchiato made with freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and topped with caramel sauce for an oh-so-sweet finish. Earn 10% cash back on your Starbucks purchase, with a $3 cash back maximum. Offer not valid at locations inside grocers, retailers, airports or hotels. Offer expires 5/16/2016. Offer valid one time only. Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.Get a one-time Statement Credit when you use your enrolled Citi card for this offer: Use your designated Citi card to make a qualifying purchase in a single transaction from the advertised merchant and your Citi card account will be credited for the amount shown. Citi will post the statement credit to your designated Citi card account within 2 billing cycles after the qualifying purchase. A purchase will only qualify for the offer if it posts to your account prior to the offer expiration. Note that many online merchants do not charge your account until merchandise is shipped; any such charges posted after the offer expiration will not qualify for the offer. You must make a qualifying purchase directly with the advertised merchant to redeem this offer. Purchases made via an electronic wallet or mobile/wireless card reader or from a third party merchant may not be identified as being purchases from the advertised merchant and therefore may not qualify for the statement credit. Should a qualifying purchase be returned, Citi may reverse the statement credit. This offer is not transferable and is subject to change or discontinuation without notice.; To qualify for this offer, your account must be current. If you close your account for any reason, including if you convert to another card product, you may not be eligible for this offer. By adding an offer to your account, you agree that Citi may send you communications about the offer.

Really? This has to be the worst cashback offer I’ve seen on a credit card. It’s limited to $3 maximum cashback. It’s limited to one month. And it’s limited to one time only – which I’m guessing means one transaction only. It would be much easier to just buy a Starbucks gift cards online using a credit card registered with Earn by Microsoft (currently 10% cashback).

Overall, I’m finding that the Citi cashback offers are really not working that well. Several┬átimes I had enrolled in offers and the cashback never posted. This has happened, for example, with Hilton offers.

With many of these Citi offers, you want carefully read the fine print, before going on a spending spree.

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