You Can Pay Your T-Mobile Prepaid Plan With Earn by Microsoft Credits

Microsoft Store sells T-Mobile refill cards

I recently wrote about how transactions I made at Shell and Whole Foods in Texas earned me Earn by Microsoft credits, despite Texas not being one of the 3 launch states. I suspect that you earn nationwide with Shell and Whole Foods. Contrary to that, a transaction made at Starbucks did not stick.

Well, what can you actually use these credits for? Well, you can use them at Microsoft stores or online:

Spending your Earn Credits is easy. Just make a purchase with your enrolled credit or debit card(s) at the online Microsoft Store or in a participating local Microsoft Store [in Arizona, Massachusetts , or Washington], and you will receive a credit on your next card statement up to your Earn Balance.* You can apply your Earn Credits to anything you purchase, including: software, laptops, tablets, phones, Xbox consoles and games, headphones, speakers, and more. [my emphasis; source: Earn by Microsoft Website]

Now, you maybe you don’t buy from Microsoft because they don’t tend to have the best deals or because you are an Apple fanboy. Note I am typing this from a Hunger Games Special Edition ultra-book won during a the Windows Phone Challenge at my local Microsoft Store. #humblebrag

Anyway, I did a search at the online Microsoft Store and it turns out that for me the Earn by Microsoft credits can be used to purchase T-Mobile refill cards. [Update 1:] Unfortunately, these cards can only be used for pre-paid plans. If you have a post-paid plan, they won’t do you any good. (Thanks to Miles per Day for the clarification!)

Microsoft Store sells T-Mobile refill cards

Microsoft Store sells T-Mobile refill cards

Now, I haven’t tested this yet, but I believe the expense should be eligible and I can’t find anything to the contrary in the terms and conditions.

By the way, the Terms of Use give Microsoft the right not to grant credits for prepaid debit cards and cash equivalents.

Go ahead and search the online Microsoft Store and see if there is anything you could use. They do sell a very small selection of gift cards.

I suspect that in-store, you may be able to buy Microsoft Store gift cards as well, but beware it has to be in one of the 3 participating states.  Those can then be sold fairly easily for residual value.

Enrolling your credit cards in Earn by Microsoft is a no-brainer as any rewards are on top of rewards credit card rewards, even if you are not a typical Microsoft customer.

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