The Cheapest and Best Way To Transfer Money Internationally

If you have ever had to transfer money internationally, you may have noticed that services like PayPal, bank wire transfers, or WesternUnion will rape you in the form of fees hidden in a bad exchange rate. Well, TransferWise is different and they are very transparent about their fees. I tested the service and found the following statement to be true:

TransferWise uses the real exchange rate – the real mid-point between buy and sell rates on the global currency markets. It’s the rate you find on websites like and

While they don’t support all currencies, they support 15 major currencies and you can make transfers between any currency pair:

  1. Australian Dollar
  2. British Pound
  3. Bulgarian Lev
  4. Canadian Dollar
  5. Danish Krone
  6. Euro
  7. Swiss Franc
  8. Hungarian Forint
  9. Japanese Yen
  10. New Zealand Dollar
  11. Norwegian Krone
  12. Polish Zloty
  13. Romanian Leu
  14. Swedish Krona
  15. United States Dollar

In my experience, the fees range mostly between 0.5% and 1%.  For example:

  • US Dollars to Euros or British Pound: 1%, minimum fee $3, reduced to 0.7% above $5,000
  • British Pound to US Dollars or Euros: 0.5%, minimum fee £2

These are the lowest fees by far of any of the other services out there!

I also did a couple of test transfers from the US to Europe and the money arrived within a couple of business days exactly as promised. They will display the exact amount the recipient will receive before you submit the transfer request.

Click here to sign up for TransferWise to transfer the first $600 of the first transfer entirely free!

1% fee to transfer Dollars to Euros

1% fee to transfer Dollars to Euros

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