Fantastic Farm To Table Food At Josephine’s Bistro In Greensboro

I travel to Greensboro, North Carolina reasonably often for work, but most of my trips are only a single day and so I rarely get to see or do very much. However I recently had a two day trip, and on my client’s recommendation, I decided to have dinner at Josephine’s Bistro.


It was a great recommendation – Josephine’s is a casual yet sophisticated, farm-to-table type place (my favorite). The food was fantastic, the service warm and friendly, and portions healthy (in the amount of food sense, not the waistline sense).


To start, I ordered the Heirloom Tomato Tart while my colleague had the soup of the day (White Bean and Kale).



Both were flavorful and delicious. The tart was pretty rich, filled with cream and sharp cheese – but the fresh tomatoes and salad balanced it nicely with some light, fresh flavors. Oh, and the lumb crab was a nice touch :). The soup wasn’t too heavy, and the bits of pork added a nice, salty, porkiness to the broth.

For our main courses, she ordered the Herb Crusted Salmon while I had the Grilled Bone-In Pork Chop.



The salmon came with a nice panzanella salad and a grilled artichoke – and as should be obvious from the picture, it was a nice-sized piece of fish! My pork chop was awesome – plump, juicy, with a great grilled taste. The sides were just as good: cheddar cheese grits, bacon brussel sprouts, and a basil pineapple chutney on top of the meat. I’m salivating just thinking about it again!

After such large portions, we decided to split dessert instead of each ordering our own. Little did we know that the Blueberry Cobbler might as well have been two desserts, given how big it was.


I’m used to cobblers that are more like a pie than they are a cake, but this one was definitely more cake-like. Not that that’s a bad thing – it was still very good, just different from what I was expecting. This dessert really hit the spot and was a great way to finish the meal. And yes, we did of course finish the whole thing.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Josephine’s. It’s been added to my shortlist of great places to eat in Greensboro – and should be on yours as well!

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