Amtrak Debuts New Interactive Google-Maps-Powered Train Locator

Amtrak just released a new train locator that uses Google Maps to provide more detailed (and presumably accurate) information about train location and on-time status, and it looks pretty sweet!

If you go to, look for the “Track a Train” link at the bottom of the page. If you click it, it will pop up a map of the entire Amtrak network:


To find the train you’re looking for, you can zoom in to a specific area, either by clicking on the specific trains (indicated with arrows), or the numbers in purple that indicate there are several trains in the vicinity. Here’s a zoomed in view of the Northeast Corridor:


When you find the train you’re looking for, the tool will provide information on it’s current location, speed, timing of past stops, and expected arrival at upcoming stations:


It’s a really nice user interface, and hopefully will make tracking trains easier and more accurate than it has been up until now. If you’d like to read more about the integration, check out this guest post by Amtrak Creative Director of E-commerce Steve Alexander on Google’s Enterprise Blog.

What do you fellow Amtrak travelers think about this new feature? Is it something you see yourself using to track your train?


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