My Heavenly Brunch At Hominy Grill In Charleston

I’ve written about a few of the great meals I had in Charleston (be sure to check out my reviews of 82 Queen and Halls Chophouse), but my absolute favorite meal of the weekend was at the famous Hominy Grill. Despite having a walking tour on Sunday morning (after a very late Saturday night!), Point Princess, Deal Mommy, Frugal Travel Lawyer and I all decided that we couldn’t spend a weekend in Charleston without trying the food at Hominy Grill. And while the extra early wake-up was a bit painful, I’m so glad we made that decision!


We’d heard the lines can get long on Sunday morning, so we made sure to get there extra early. Too early, as it turned out: we got there around 8:40, but Hominy Grill doesn’t open until 9am on weekends! As we waited for 9am to come, the line started to build, and with the tour starting at 10am, I was glad that we were the first group to be seated.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is incredibly homey and cute. You just can’t help but feel relaxed and at ease while you’re inside.


However it was the food that made Hominy Grill so memorable for me. We all had a hard time deciding what to order, so ended up deciding we’d just share everything so that we could try a whole assortment of dishes!

I ordered the Shrimp & Grits, which came with scallions, mushrooms, and bacon – served over cheese grits. It was a really great combination of flavors; mostly savory, but with a little bit of sweetness in the shrimp. As such, it’s one of those unique dishes that works just as well at breakfast as it does for lunch or dinner.


Deal Mommy ordered the Big Nasty Biscuit, a fried chicken biscuit sandwich with cheddar cheese and a generous amount of Southern-style sausage gravy. It was without a doubt big and nasty (in a good way)! I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t actually taste much of the cheese. There were a lot of bold flavors on that plate though, so I really didn’t miss it.


Frugal Travel Lawyer ordered the Huevos Rancheros, and for me, it was the most pleasant surprise of our meal. It’s not that I don’t like huevos rancheros, but I’ve always known it to be a really heavy and rich dish. This one was surprisingly light and fresh, due to a generous amount of salsa and a lighter hand on the cheese. It’s the kind of dish I often make at home, but it showed me how much better than my home cooking it can be when done right :)


Point Princess ordered one of the specials: a sweet potato waffle with pecan praline sauce. It was absolutely, insanely, over-the-top delicious. It was buttery and sweet, and while having a whole waffle to myself would’ve been way too much, splitting it four ways was the perfect way to end the meal.


If you’re visiting Charleston, you absolutely have to add Hominy Grill to your itinerary. If you don’t want to get there 20 minutes before it opens, you’ll probably end up having to wait for a table – but it’s worth it 10 times over!

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