Flying ANA Regional Business Class From NRT-HKG

The second leg of my recent trip to Hong Kong was in ANA Regional Business Class, on a 763 from Tokyo to Hong Kong. Here’s my review of that flight experience:

The Seat

The seat in ANA’s regional business class isn’t nearly as nice as their staggered longhaul setup, but comfortable enough for a reasonably short flight. It’s a 2-1-2 configuration, so I made sure to grab a middle seat in order to avoid having to climb over anyone, or have anyone climbing over me.


Middle Seat


Side Seats

In addition to this aisle access benefit, I appreciated the fact that the drink table in my one seat was considerably larger than the shared table for the pairs of side seats. Always nice to have a little more room to work with:


The single middle seats also have a bonus storage compartment, which perfectly fit my laptop bag (the side seats don’t have anything similar):


I was happy to have a middle seat for all these reasons, but I’m glad I wasn’t trying to get any sleep in one of these seats. They’re cradle-style and rather than reclining into a sleeping position, it felt like the seat actually inclined to get there – like it was lifting my butt up rather than letting my back and head move down. It was a very odd sensation, to say the least – felt like some sort of weird dentist chair experience – and the final position wasn’t particularly comfortable either.

Food and Wine

As was the case on my flight from JFK-NRT, there was both a Japanese menu and an International menu. This being a flight to Hong Kong, the International menu was more Chinese-inspired than American-inspired though.


The photo is pretty blurry, so in case you’re curious the international menu was:

Chinese pickles and steamed chicken spicy hors d’oeuvre

Tofu pasta Chinese-style, soft-simmered beef with black vinegar sauce and milk potato

Chinese-style bread

Harmony of melted almond jelly and marron

The wine list includes Champagne, white, red, sake, and shochu:




I decided to start my meal with double bubbles: Champagne and sparkling water :)


I opted for the International menu, to switch things up a bit from the Japanese cuisine I’d had on the JFK-NRT leg of my trip.


The meal was perfectly fine. Nothing particularly notable, but decent enough. I was pleasantly surprised at the tofu pasta, as it was quite similar to regular pasta.

After dinner, I had a cup of really, really good green tea – probably the most memorable thing I had to eat or drink on the entire flight!


Followed by a mini cup of ice cream – not exactly Chinese (nor Japanese for that matter), but I’m not complaining :)



The entertainment system is virtually the same as what ANA offers on their longhaul routes, though the selection wasn’t quite as extensive. Nonetheless, I still found plenty to keep me entertained for the duration of the flight.


It would’ve been nice to have a slightly larger screen, but it was still adequate.

Service and Miscellaneous

Service was pleasant enough, though I was a little surprised to find out that ANA doesn’t provide amenity kits on this route (not that I really needed one, and not that their business class amenity kits are all that great anyway).

Overall Impression

Overall, the flight was enjoyable – though a clear step down from ANA’s great longhaul business class offering. I would definitely consider them for flights within Asia to / from Tokyo, but certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to choose them.

Anyone else flown ANA regional business class? What was your experience like?

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