Two Delightful Surprises About Thai Smile

Thai Smile is a relatively new service under Thai Airways, having started operations in 2012. Per their website,

Travel with THAI Smile is designed to be vibrant, fun, speedy, trendy and friendly the moment you step onboard.
These 5 words form the basis of the THAI Smile concept and service, and drew inspiration and influence from contemporary Thai culture, people, landscapes and colours.


I just took my first ever Thai Smile flight, and I must say that I came away impressed! I was seated in “Smile” Economy Class, and even on this short flight all passengers received a pair of delicious treats: both a red velvet cupcake¬†and a mini serving of cookies and cream ice cream!


My bag of goodies


Ice cream close up

Both were delicious (especially the ice cream). That was delightful surprise #1. The second was that the coffee they served afterward was actually pretty decent. Now, there was only CoffeeMate to go with it – but it was much better than I’d expected after I judge the “book” by this “cover” in which it was served:


Overall, the flight was enjoyable enough. My Star Alliance Gold status conferred the same perks as it does on Thai itself (priority boarding, lounge access, bigger checked bag allowance, etc.), and though my seat didn’t have any extra leg room, I found it to be reasonably comfortable for such a short flight.


Anyone else flown Thai Smile since they started operation? What was your experience like?

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