Why You Want To Mangia At Eataly NYC’s Manzo

I’ve written about NYC’s Eataly before (see here, here, and here), but I’ve never written about one of my absolute favorite places to eat at this palace of Italian cuisine: Manzo


Manzo (which means “beef” in Italian) is one of the more formal dining experiences at Eataly, and the food is just fantastic. The last time I dined there, my wife and I started our dinner by sharing the Baby Artichokes with Cranberry Beans, Sunchoke Chips & San Pietro appetizer.


It’s a lighter dish, but still full of flavor, with an interesting mix of tastes and textures. The baby artichokes are the star, but the rest of the dish rounds out the plate quite nicely.

For our mains, I ordered the NY Strip Steak with Fingerling Potatoes, Oyster Mushrooms & Oxtail Sugo and she had the Gnocchi with Spicy Tomato Sauce & Fresh Ricotta.

manzo-eataly-nyc-steak manzo-eataly-nyc-gnocchi

I’m usually not a strip steak fan, but Manzo’s is tender, juicy and expertly-prepared. The oyster mushrooms that they serve with the steak are also outrageously good – I don’t want to know what they cook them in, but it makes for some fabulous fungus!

The gnocchi was the biggest surprise of the meal though. I hate to use the cliche term “pillowy soft”, but it absolutely applies. This gnocchi is ridiculously good, and the spicy tomato sauce has just the right amount of heat to it. I’m as big a carnivore as they come, but I could absolutely eat this dish as my main course and not miss the meat at all.

The one negative thing I’ll say about Manzo is that the wine list is surprisingly expensive (and curiously absent from their website). It’s also heavy on Italian wine (as you’d expect), which usually isn’t my thing (I’m generally more a fan of New World wines). That said, there are some good options – and even some reasonably-priced ones as well. The Foradori we ordered with dinner is a great example. Unfortunately, since they don’t publish the wine list on their website, I’m not sure if it’s still available anymore.


Have you eaten at Manzo before? What did you think of the food and wine there?

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  1. dotti cahill
    January 5, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    i have eaten at Eataly 4 times ..love it but not the crowds and the fact that in each area u must use ur credit card… if u want coffee..then produce…then lunch 3 different stops and cc payment…vs a system like in the chicago water tower place where u get a card at entry then go to any or all of the ??8 venues and at the end u givein ur card and a ccard andpay once…nice..

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