Life Is Too Short: A Farewell To Frequently Flying

This isn’t the post I was planning to write tonight.

In case you haven’t heard already, Darren Booth – author of the Frequently Flying blog passed away suddenly the other day. His parents shared the news in a post on his blog earlier this evening.


Darren’s blog was perhaps best known for it’s in-depth reviews of airlines amenity kits. He reviewed dozens over the years, including a South African Airways kit that I gave him last year. Darren (the man) was a genuinely kind, caring, and friendly person who was a pleasure to be around. I met him last spring when we were seated next to each other at BoardingArea’s BAcon conference. I can’t say that I knew him well enough to truly call him a “friend”, but we were certainly friendly, and kept in touch after that conference via Twitter. I’m going to miss him, and hope his family will find strength in what I can only imagine is a very tough time.

For me, this is a sad reminder that life really is too short, and that there’s no way of knowing when our time runs out. If there’s anything Darren would want us to take away from this, I think it would be to TRAVEL and to spend more time with people that matter most in your life (preferably at the same time)!

Rest in peace Darren.

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  1. choi
    January 7, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    very geniun of you, you are the first to have some kind of tribute to a fellow blogger. I will continue to read if BA keeps his post alive.

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