US City in Review: Santa Fe, NM

I had a chance to visit Santa Fe, NM and surrounding area this summer, and I never knew how much there was to do or see here.  Below are the attractions and places I went to and recommend if you decide to visit this city. One of the only airlines that I know of  that will still fly into this small airport (SAF) is American Airlines. If you decide to fly to Albuquerque instead, it is an hr or so ride by car or you can even take the Rail Runner between these cities.

One of the many places tourists visit when they go to the city is the Plaza. It is full of shops, eating places, and on the weekend will have jewelry vendors on the sidewalks, foodstands and other forms of entertainment.  You can spend most of the day here walking around window shopping, people watching, or grabbing food and drinks especially during happy hour!

Another place I recommend visiting during events is El Rancho de Los Golondrinas which is a short drive west of Santa Fe. They host many different events here such as the Renaissance Fair, Harvest Festival, and Civil War Reenactments to name a few.  When I went, they were hosting the Santa Fe Wine Festival. We were able to taste wines from around the state for a minimal fee for as much wine tastings as you wanted or could handle! There were also arts and craft and food vendors there which we enjoyed in between our tastings. On a side note, did you know that wine has been produced in NM since the 1600s by Spanish Missionaries for religious purposes. They couldn’t wait for Spain to send over more wine 🙂 So NM has many wineries in which you can do wine tastings which I also took advantage of! There are quite a few near Santa Fe area.

Just a short drive north of Santa Fe is the Pueblo of Tesuque Flea Market. This is an open air flea market and they are open Fri-Sun from 9am-4pm March thru December. Many vendors come here to sell clothes, jewelry, and decor. I couldn’t take any pictures because it wasn’t allowed inside, however, if you like haggling or browsing, I recommend stopping by.

New Mexico is known for its southwest flavor and delicious food. I have to say I was hooked on their food and wanted more! One place I loved and highly recommend is Maria’s of Santa Fe. They are known and raved for their 100 Margaritas made with REAL tequilla. Real tequila is only made in Mexico and must contain 51% agave juice. Their food is also amazing, I recommend the green chile soup!

Santa Fe and surrounding areas still have buildings and structures made in the adobe style. I think it adds to the uniqueness of the city and they make great pictures!

If you are going to Santa Fe, I recommend renting a car to explore the city and the surrounding area. Bring lotion/sunscreen, a hat, your camera, and your sense of adventure. You will be surprised all that this city and  area has to offer and you never know what you will discover here

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