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If Your NY Resolution is to Join a Gym, Get 2k United Bonus Miles

If you were thinking of joining a gym membership, you can get 2k United bonus miles for a new membership. Some participating gyms include: 24hr Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, Curves, Anytime Fitness, NYSC sports club and many more. To check out which gyms qualify, find a gym here. I tried to go through the steps for a 24hr fitness membership in Houston and it looks like you have to prepay for a 1 year membership and there is a processing fee. This seems pretty comparable to a gym membership I used to have with them but you have to make sure you go since you can’t get refunds and you will break your resolution 🙂

This is not worth just joining the gym for the miles but if you were going to join anyways, make sure you get your bonus miles! Here is to getting healthy!
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