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10 Best Buy Reward Points daily!

UPDATE#2: I guess the promotion was so popular they are no longer doing polls every day, instead they are having polls on random days to earn points.

UPDATE: It looks like FB changed to 10 points per poll instead of the 25 per day that I originally posted.

I love technology (when it works right) and one place I like to go is Best Buy to get it. And I was excited when I learned that you can get 10 BBR points daily by taking their one question user poll. You must have Best Buy Reward Zone # to get points and 250 points=$5 certificate to use at Best Buy. As a reminder, every February, if you are not a Premier Silver Status member, your points will be converted to a certificate in 250 point increments and the remaining points will be forfeited. To avoid forfeiture of points, allows you to trade BBR points for other airline miles (at a not so great value). But hey, at least they are not wasted!

Also, Best Buy is having a contest that you can enter daily to win a $1,000 Best Buy gift card to get your dream entertainment center or whatever.

This is such an easy way to get points for this program without spending money at Best Buy 🙂

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