30 miles/$ for Flowers on Mother’s Day

My mom always looks forward to the followers  she gets for Mother’s day because she says they brighten her day. Its only a month away so now is a good time to start ordering! Here are shopping portals that are offering 30 points per dollar:

AAdvantage Shopping portal for FTD.com

United Shopping portal for FTD.com

Hawaiian Airlines with Telefloral

Delta Airlines with FTD.com

Other offers:

US Airways 25 points/$ for FTD.com

Priority Club portal 20 points/$ for Pro Flowers

Must log into your Ultimate Shopping portal to see the below:

Chase Ultimate Rewards 15 exptra points/$ for FTD. com

Chase Ultimate Rewards 15 extra points/$ for Teleflora

UPDATE: Thrifty Tourist in the comments below let me know that you can use the Home Improvement Cards that you find at Office Depot at 5 points/$ with your Ink Bold for 1-800-flowers sooo use this shopping portal for most miles/$ for this vendor

AAdvantage 16 miles/$ and you can save up to 30% until 6/30/2013 or save 15% on MDay flowers and gifts with code MDAY2013 valid until 5/12/2013


AAdvantage 30miles/$ with no discount




6 Comments on "30 miles/$ for Flowers on Mother’s Day"

  1. A little more work, but save 30% AND earn 21x Ultimate Rewards points at 1-800-Flowers.com.

    Buy a Home Improvement Gift Card at Office Depot using your Chase Ink Card (without any fees) and use it to pay for your flowers using the Ultimate Rewards Portal.

    Earn 16x points from Portal and 5X Chase Ultimate Reward Points from Gift Card purchase.

    Home Improvement Gift Card is valid at a few online flower stores, such as 1-800-Flowers.com and the Home Improvement Gift Card is accepted online as a Discover Card at approved merchants.

    The 30% discount at 1-800-Flowers made certain purchases worth more than the additional points at FTD.

  2. 1-800-flowers is not showing up on the Ultimate Rewards Shopping portal so unfortunately this won’t work here but there are other shopping portals that do have 1-800-flowers! Thanks for the tip..I’ll update above

    • You are right, it’s no longer on the Ultimate Rewards Portal. But, the 30% off and 16x points offer is still available on AAdvantage Shopping Portal. So 16x AA and 5x Chase points still possible.

      • Thanks! I’ve updated my post. I didn’t realize that there are so many other vendors to use with the Home Improvement card…now to start searching for good deals 🙂

  3. I always feel guilty buying flowers for my MIL (my own mom passed away) since she knows about my miles and points addiction.

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