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Saving Money in Cancun

Money always seems to go quickly on vacation. Here are some tips to saving money in Cancun since this touristy place can be way over priced:

1) Buy water, soda,  snacks, & alcohol at the local gas stations and grocery stores. The gas stations are everywhere and accept credit card. When you are charged $3usd+ at restaurants for a can of soday (no free refills) , you quickly learn this is the way to go.

2) Look for taco stands. I found one called El Fish Fritanga where you walk up and can order tacos for 10 pesos. They were pretty good.

3) Take the bus everywhere and not taxis. There are bus stops all along Cancun and run ever couple of minutes and cost 10.5 pesos per person each way.

4) Exchange your money at the hotel. They usually give you the best exchange rate.

5) Haggle at El Mercado or the Market. At La Isla, there is a very large market place and if you are a good haggler, you can get a decent deal. For example, I wanted to buy jewelry and they quoted $80USD which is ridiculous. I was able to haggle down to $25USD and get 2 free shots of tequila. Score 😉

6) Buy excursions in bulk. Aquaworld, one of the main places to do activities, offers discounts the more you do. I was able to do 3 excursions for $180 per person which would otherwise cost more separately.

7) If they offer timeshare presentations at your hotel, consider doing these as they may offer discounts for excursions or food. At the Marriott, they offered these discounts but I found out that you must be 35 years old to do them. Only do these if you have time to kill and don’t mind being pressured.

If you have any other money saving tips, please let me know!


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