TX Res: New Way to Earn Companion Pass Miles on SWA with Reliant!

It looks like Reliant is partnering with everyone! I had previously posted about the partnership with United and I am currently earning with American Airlines.

Well Southwest has jumped on the bandwagon so now you can earn up to 27,000 miles in total when TX residents sign up with Reliant and stay with them for 2 years per the contract. This is valid for new customers only so if you had service with Reliant before you may be out of luck. You will get a 15k bonus upon enrollment and 500 per month for up to 2 years. Since this is a partner, these should earn towards your companion pass! I wish this was available before. Switching online is easy as you do not have to call your previous provider and you will not loose any service during the switch.

Many have said that these types of promotions charge additional per kilowatt . I called Reliant and asked what the difference was between the rate while earning miles and the rate without and it was only a 0.5cent/kw difference, a fraction of a penny, which is worth it in my opinion. This is a fixed rate contract by the way.

Although there many be other utility service providers out there, they are not earning points 🙂 What has been your experience? Is it worth the switch for you?

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