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Centurion Lounge Comparison at DFW and LAS

This week I had a chance to visit both Centurion Lounges at DFW and at LAS  and I can say that I liked the one at DFW a lot better!

DFW Lounge

The lounge is located upstairs near the Duty Free store in terminal D. Upon arrival you are greeted by friendly staff who look at your Amex Platinum/Centurion card and boarding pass and go over all the features of the lounge. Since this lounge recently opened on Oct 15, they were giving welcome gifts to visitors. They only had about 500 left and may have already run out this past weekend.

L’occitane Travel Kit with Goodies

The staff then scheduled me for my 15 minute massage that is done by Exhale. They also offered nail and facial treatments. These are complimentary services but its always nice to tip for good service. The massage was so relaxing and afterwards they gave me a warm neck pillow that I could take into the lounge to continue my relaxation.

Spa services by Exhale

The lounge also offers southwest buffet style meals that are created by Dean Fearing, the creator of Fearing’s Restaurant. The food was delicious! They offered chicken enchiladas, pulled beef, some of the best corn chowder I have ever had, salad options and refreshing watermelon lime juice.

Southwest cuisine

I also got to walk around the lounge and there is so much space! There is a business center area with computers and printers,  relaxing areas, conference space, and a family room.

The lounge also has a bar area that serves cocktails, wines, coffees/cappuccino, and teas from 10am-10pm

If you are needing to freshen up, the lounge also offers showers with L’occitan products. This a great idea for those long travel days.

LAS Lounge

The LAS lounge is also located in terminal D and has roughly the same type of spaces but there is no spa service which I thought really made the DFW lounge great! When I arrived, I was greeted by friendly staff who directed me to the food/drink area. When I arrived, they only had turkey sandwiches, spinach & ricotta gnudi, and salad. The braised beef short ribs don’t come out until after 4pm. So although the options were tasty, they weren’t as many as the DFW lounge. The bar also offers select cocktails from 11:30am-11:30pm.

Buffet style food options

Their website states that these lounges were designed as a destination and I would agree! DFW is very close since I live in TX and I would love to route all my travels through here. Places like these make you glad you have those long connections or delayed flights 🙂



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