2014 Hotel Promo Roundup

Here is a list of hotel promotions that are currently out for the first quarter of the year.

Marriott Mega Bonus

To register, go to your promotions central in your account. Register by 3/31/14 and stay between 2/1/14 and 4/30/14.  Earn a free night at a cat 1-5 for every 2nd paid stay up to 2 free nights.

IHG Big Win

Register here for your tailored offer. Stay between 1/1/14 and 4/30/14. Check out my post for my 2013 success and my personal tailored offer.

SPG Bring on the Nights

Register before 2/28/14 here.  Stays must be completed from 1/5/14 to 4/30/14. For every 5 eligible paid nights, you get 2,500 bonus points with a maximum of 10,000 points (20 nights). You will get an additional 5,000 for staying 25 nights during the promotion period.

Hyatt Endless Possibilities

Registration will be available 1/9/14. With this promotion you will be able to earn either free nights or bonus points. Stays must be completed from 1/15/14 to 4/30/14.

  • Free Nights– Earn a stay at a category 1-4 property for every 5 nights up to 4 free nights. The free stays are valid until  7/31/14.
  • Bonus Points– 5 nights gets you 5k bonus points, 10 nights equals 15k bonus points, 15 nights equals 30k bonus points, and 20 nights equals 50k bonus points.

Hilton More Nights, More Points

This promo is rolled over from 2013 but if you haven’t already registered, you can do so here. After registrations, when you stay 2 consecutive nights, you will earn double points, 3 consecutive night will earn you triple points and 4 consecutive nights will earn quadruple points. Stays must be completed by 1/31/14.


3 Comments on "2014 Hotel Promo Roundup"

  1. I’m currently registered for the current Megabonus which ends in 1/15/14 and I’ve already maxed out and earned my two free nights, so I’m guessing that’s why the next one doesn’t show up on my account anywhere for me to register. Will have to check back in 3 weeks as I can’t find terms and conditions.

  2. Huh. Interesting. Just as a follow up to my previous comment, I registered my wife’s account for the promotion, but on her terms and conditions the certificates are cat 1-4, not 1-5. Do the terms of the Megabonus promo vary by person?

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