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Amex Platinum Only Gave me $100 for Taking Away AA/US Lounges

In case you are unaware, American Express is taking away American Airlines and US Airways lounge access as a benefit for the American Express Platinum card starting March 22, 2014.

As a courtesy for this loss, they have offered to give credit for any AA or US incidental charges after March 22 ranging from $100 to $500. Well, I found out I only received $100 and was not too happy. I asked the rep when I called how the amount was determined and she stated it was based on how much I spent on these airlines with the card. Well since i didn’t spend anything, the low credit of $100 was determined.

I expressed to her that I was not happy about only getting $100 as I valued airport lounge access more than this and she stated that she could offer me an additional $100 statement credit as a goodwill gesture which would post in a few days. She also stated that there will be another added benefit to be coming shortly. Well an extra $100 did make me feel better so I took both offers and said thank you for her service.

Within a few days, I noticed a credit on my statement.

Overall, I appreciated their willingness to “make it right” and I am very curious as to what the new benefit will be. So if you only received $100, it doesn’t hurt to call and express your discontentment if you feel that this amount is not satisfactory.


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