Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare Presentation in Vegas

I had previously written that Hilton Grand Vacations offered me a deal for $223 where I would get to stay at a HGV property for 3 nights, get 15k HH points, and get 2 dinner and show tickets. All I needed to do was go to a timeshare presentation for 2-3 hrs. Here is my experience in Vegas.

I was offered a stay at several properties in Vegas and one that was offered was the Trump hotel (review here). They do not have an affiliation with Hilton, instead HGV bought a block of about 300 rooms in which owners of a timeshare with HGV and timeshare presentation guests could use.

I had an appointment scheduled and a shuttle took me to a HGVC hotel to do the presentation. They put me with a friendly sales associate and I was asked what I knew about the program and my travel habits. I proceeded to tell them that my parents had a timeshare so I knew how they worked and how I like to travel on miles and points and also told them I had both the Citi and Amex version of the Hilton credit card in which to earn points. It was surprising that 2 hrs flew by. I also got to take a tour of one of their model units. Basically, HGVC is selling a deeded property in which you would get points annually to use at any HGVC resort or they could also be transferred to RCI or Hilton. HGVC is on a different points system than with HiltonHonors. Here is their schedule below of what you could use these points for at HGVC resorts:

Club Point Usage

So how much would HGVC points cost? They were offering 1,600 points for $30k and this doesn’t include the annual maintenance fee of approximately $900-$1,000, So if I wanted to transfer to HiltonHonors (HH) to use at their properties, how much would I get? well 1 HGVC point equals 25 HH points so this 1,600 will only get you 40,000 HH annually which is crazy because I could earn these points and more for a low annual fee with my credit cards. Here is a visual I recreated:

Timeshare writeup

So I obviously said no that this did not work for me and I didn’t see the value in it. They did only bring one other person in to show me a better deal but I told them I was not interested. I thought the process was fairly easy and the sales associate was great to talk to since they gave me suggestions of things to do in Vegas. It did take a total of 3 hrs from door to door but since I was in no rush to do anything, the time spent wasn’t that bad. If you do decide to do a timeshare presentation, make sure you eat a good meal before.

After the presentation, I was directed to the front desk where I got my rewards as promised:

15k HH points to be deposited within 60-90 days

15k HH points to be deposited within 60-90 days

Dinner & show vouchers

Dinner & show vouchers

$200 Doubletree hotel Voucher

$200 Double Tree hotel Voucher valid 6 months after presentation date

Overall I thought it was a fairly easy and painless presentation and I thought the small cost and time was worth it. I also enjoyed the Trump hotel stay in their studio suite. So would I do this again if offered? Sure why not 🙂



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  1. How do you sign up for something like this? I’d love to sit for 3 hours and get a free night + food + points. I’m in vegas ALL the time so I wouldn’t mind losing the time

    • Giddy for Points | December 28, 2013 at 8:59 pm | Reply

      I was making a Hilton reservation over the phone when I was offered this. Try calling Hilton or HGV to see if they will offer you something like this.

  2. Nice score! My wife and I sat through a timeshare presentation on our honeymoon a few years ago and got 7.5K Starwood points out of it 🙂

  3. Michael Donovan | December 30, 2013 at 6:10 am | Reply

    When you read the comments posted above you can understand why timeshare costs so much, if you want timeshare to cost less or be better value. If you have no interest in purchasing anything and are only going for the gift even though you are invited please do not waste the salespersons time who is generally paid on a commission only basis and the company’s marketing budget money oh by the way you are known in the trade as gift vultures so remember that when you are sitting opposite a sales person guess what he/she is thinking.

    • Giddy for Points | December 30, 2013 at 8:24 am | Reply

      But then I see the elder single lady who was enticed by these gifts and is not well informed and falls into prey to buy one of these timeshares which are terrible values…who are the real vultures here…

    • You also need to keep in mind that many instances (even the person over the phone) someone is making commission just for getting a customer to commit to the PRESENTATION. And the sales people, especially here in Vegas, they will get you in and out knowing you don’t wnat to/can’t afford the actual timeshare. If you have some gripe with this process, it needs to be directed at the corporation. Not the consumer.

      It was quite a humbling experience the 6mos i spent selling vacation packages at the Vegas Outlets. Lets see you try to make a living selling these tour packages in a tourist-based, heavily foreign, OUTDOOR consumer setting in SCAMcity—Vegas. Its a vicious cycle, and your animosity is severely misplaced.

      Remember: if it weren’t for those free gifts, it would be much less likely for you to even have the opportunity to sell your timeshare– to the people who I sent your way through my sale. Perhaps you simply need to read & relate better to people. Especially in this industry, you can’t rely on the product. You need to sell yourself.

      If you tried selling to me with THAT chip on your shoulder…..I’d definitely be one of what we call the Be-Backers: “We’ll think about it… and be back later.” Secret there is you’ll never see a Be-Backer EVER again.

  4. Tom Bowman Jr | June 10, 2015 at 11:57 am | Reply

    Amazing how just the mention of a timeshare heats up a discussion. It’s almost the same reaction when you mention taxes or buying a car. The truth is that these promotions work and consumers want them to be offered. If there was absolutely no value in owning a timeshare then they would disappear. I am a promoter of these offers worldwide and encourage you to have a look at what these resorts are offering. All that is required is for you to qualify for the resorts offer and attend the presentation. When your time commitment is up you are free to leave even if the sales person says you can’t. 90 to 120 minutes is all that most of these vacation deals require.

  5. don williams | June 11, 2015 at 10:33 pm | Reply

    i will be in town in july and i would love to come see a timeshare

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