My 2013 IHG Big Win was a Success! Plus Register for the Q1 2014 Promo

IHG (formerly Priority Club) started a new promotion in the last quarter of 2013 whereby if you complete certain stay challenges, you would get substantial bonus points. Each person had a tailored offer and the points varied from person to person. My offer was 64,20o total bonus points for completing all offers, and I was able to do it all in just 4 nights. This is in addition to the regular points I was already getting for the hotel stay. Here is the break down of what my Big Win promotion offer was:

Stay 1: 2 nights at a Holiday Inn in Chicago (used for Chicago Seminars)
Cost: $201
Stay Points: 19,170
Credit Card Points: 1,005
Total Points:  20,170

Stay 2: 2 nights at Crown Plaza in LA (mattress run)
Cost: $198
Stay Points: 23,571
Credit Card Points: 990
Total Points: 24,561

Big Win Points: 64,200

Grand Total Points: 108,931

So for about $400 I have enough points for 2 nights at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand which is going for $450+ Euro a night during high season which is a great trade off!

Q1 2014

IHG is continuing their Big Win promotion for the next quarter. Each person has a customized offer which can be checked here.

I was offered 99,800 total points if I complete 4 offers which I could do in 6 nights. These points would be in addition to the regular points I would earn from the stay and through credit card spend. The stays have to be completed between and inclusive of 1/1/2014 and 4/30/2014. I’ve registered for this promotion but not sure if this would be mattress run worthy. I do have some business stays coming up so I would have to be strategic in planning out the stays since the offers require different brand stays.

What have you received? Will you be taking advantage of this offer?


2 Comments on "My 2013 IHG Big Win was a Success! Plus Register for the Q1 2014 Promo"

  1. My offers are as follows:
    Stay a total of 4 nights – 8,000
    Stay at 2 different IHG brands – 16,000
    Stay 2 Saturday nights – 8,000
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Express hotels – 8,000
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels – 8,000
    Complete all offers – 48,000

    Any ideas on how to complete my offers in the least amount of nights? Thanks!

    • Giddy for Points | December 19, 2013 at 9:25 am | Reply

      Stay 2 weekend nights at HI, and 2 weekend nights at HIExp. They are 2 different brands so you can do this in 4 nights.

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