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TripIt Pro Saved me $45 on Southwest

I fly Southwest a lot and the great thing about this airline is that if you find a lower fare for a flight already booked, you can rebook your tickets online at no cost and you can get a credit for the difference to use on your next flight. Well, I’m too busy to be checking everyday but luckily my TripIt Pro did the work for me.

I received an email from them alerting me that I can get $45 in SW credit because they found a lower fare for a flight that they are tracking for me.

So I immediately got on and rebooked the ticket and bam! $45 saved! The great part is that I got TripIt Pro for free!

How? Well its a benefit of the Barclays Arrival Card. If you have this card then you should activate your free membership. After logging in online, you will see this Icon in the middle of the page

Click on the activate now button and you will be directed to the TripIt Pro website where you can activate your membership and have it start monitoring your flights. It will even give you alerts for delayed or canceled flights and even gate changes. It will also help you organize your trips by keeping track of your hotel bookings.

I use the app on my phone and use it constantly when traveling. If you have a Barclays Arrival card then why not get it for free and it may even save you some money.

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