Week 2 #milemadness Update

If you have been following #milemadness, it is a tournament among some bloggers to see who can manufacture the most points given certain spending restrictions. Saverocity and the Frequent Miler are the moderator and judge respectively.

Well my week 2 was definitely NOT one to brag about and was not as great as my week 1 results.

I did get to max out my Amex Blue Preferred card which got me 6% at grocery stores.

I also purchased Amex giftcards by first going though TopCashBack to get 3% on my purchase and using my Barclays Card which got me 2pts per $. When I got them in the mail, I off loaded them using several methods including Amazon Pmts and buying Vanilla reloads and Visa Cards.

My week 2 unofficial results in earnings are:
10,068 Barclays pts
2,499 UR points
2,001 Delta miles
3,016 United miles
$454 cash back
I spent a total of $16,642 and my total fees were $142

If I’m going to keep up with everyone else, I’ll need to find more creative ways to manufacture my spend! I’ve been hoping that my Amex cards would give my something in “My Offers Tab” to work with but nothing that I could churn thus far.

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