Free Marriott Points for Social Media Activity

I received an email that you can earn up to 2,000 free Marriott points per month until Nov 8, 2014 by engaging in social media activity with Marriott.

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. You will then get a select number of points for interacting with select hotels. Here is a breakdown of how many points you can earn per interaction:

Marriott Plus Points

You can see a list of the participating properties here. After you perform a social media activity such as like a page, follow, tweet, check-in, etc, you should receive an email within a few hours saying that you have earned points for your activity.

Email Received

Email Received

Only a few minutes to earn a few extra points!

Thanks for Doctor of Credit for letting me know that he has created links for all participating properties. Check out his post!


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  1. Seems to be a targeted offer, I created a new account for my girlfriend to see if it’d work and it didn’t. I get a “your account is not eligible for this promotion” error message. When I use my existing account it works fine (I received the e-mail).

    I also created a hyperlinked list of all the properties twitter & facebook accounts, feel free to add it to your post.

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