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#Milemadness Do Best Meetup by far

In celebration of the #milemadness tournament, Matt at Saverocity and Greg at the Frequent Miler hosted a #milemadness DO in Charlotte at the Hyatt House downtown and I can say it has been the best one I have attended by far!

This meetup was primarily MS heavy and had great speakers who talked about their strategies and some wowed the crowd with how much MS they do monthly. I guess what made it seem better was that there were different speakers than what you would usually see at the FTUs or other events, the attendance group was smaller (about 100), and the food was better than I expected! The venue was the Hyatt House which was a great hotel with a full breakfast and close to places to eat including many Irish Pubs.

Hyatt House Suite. Pictured taken by Points & Pixie Dust

Delicious Lunch. Picture taken by First Class Queen

What also made this doable was that the event planners were able to hack Hyatt to keep costs down.

I was able to meet more people than I usually do and the whole environment felt comfortable and just enjoyable. There were some talks of a west coast meetup like this but we shall see!

Check out TravelBloggerBuzz post which he shares his experience and links to other blogger posts about the event.


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