New Amex Sync Deals are Out!

I really like that American Express gives away money to its customers. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Amex Offers where you can get statement credit for “syncing” your card for a certain offer and spending a threshold amount.

Where can you find these offers? When you log into your American Express online account, there is a “Amex Offers For You” Tab towards the bottom which you can click on.

amex offers for you

There you will see your available offers. You then click on “Save Offer” for the ones you are interested in and use that card to meet the spend requirement. When you spend the required amount, you will receive an email stating that you fulfilled the offer and you should see a statement credit within a couple of days. You can also sync certain offers to your card using Twitter. Check out the Deals We Like blog on how to go about doing this. Be careful to read the T&Cs of each offer you select because some can only be activated my making an online purchase.

The offers I am really interested in are:


If you happen to have the Simply Cash Card, have selected gas stations as your 3% category, and if you have this offer under that card, then you can double dip!

Dunkin Donuts

Make your clients or coworkers happy with donuts AND get them for win!

Home Depot

Did you know that Home Depot has a gift card rack?! You can buy gift cards to your favorite restaurant or you can purchase a Home Depot gift card to use at a later time. These gift cards will trigger the credit.


I pretty much eat out everyday for lunch so I could buy a gift card to Potbelly for $10 to use later but still get the credit. Also if you have the Simply Cash Card and selected restaurants as your 3% category and this offer is under this card, then again you can double dip.
There are many other offers there so check your account to see which ones may interest you!

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