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My First Business Class Flight on TAM Airlines and VIP Lounge Review

I had previously written how I went about booking my TAM flight to Brazil using Avios. I was flying to Brasilia, the capital, and I was able to fly business class on their 767-300ER and try out their lie flat seats on the first leg from MIA-MOA. I was excited about this experience because this was my first international flight in business and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Check-in and VIP Lounge at MIA

Since I was flying business class, I was able to use the priority line when checking in my bags. TAM allows 2 bags for free. Flying business also gives you access to the VIP Lounge. They gave me a paper voucher that I needed to present to the front desk and I was on my way. The VIP Lounge was  very large but there was minimal food offerings in the morning and I wasn’t able to connect to the internet. It was more of a large waiting area but it was a quiet place to wait.

Business Class on TAM

After being seated, I started playing around with the controls and their amenity kit.The flight attendants asked me what I wanted to drink in Portuguese. They do speak English but I wanted to practice the language so I did my best to respond back and it seemed to be ok because they asked me questions in Portuguese throughout the flight. My flight was in the morning so we were offered either egg omelette and ham or a panini and I went with the later. They also had an assortment of juices from mango to OJ to pineapple. Below are some pics of the amenity kit, food, and the seat.

After I got settled into the flight I watch a movie which they have a large selection of and used the controls to turn the seat into a lie flat bed and took a nice long nap. This was the best sleep I’ve had on a plane and it was much needed!

The only thing that didn’t live up to par was the snack they provided before we landed which is pictured at the bottom left. The sandwiches were cold and a little soggy. Even the kid in the next isle didn’t want to eat it. They would have been better off offering some fruit and cheeses.

Overall my experience was great and I can’t wait to fly on more business class flights. I hope I don’t start getting the itch 😉


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