Visiting Brasilia, Brazil’s Capital City

I spent a day touring the capital city and visited several monuments and buildings. What is neat about the layout of the city is that it resembles an airplane. Below is a map with the points of interest of Brasilia.

Brasilia Points of Interest Map

My first stop was the Television tower which is the 3rd largest structure in Brazil. You can actually get on a platform on the tower to get a 360 view of the city. Its free, you just have to wait in line to use the elevator. It kinda resembles the Eiffel tower in a way.

TV Tower

Brasilia TV Tower

On top you can easily get a view of the National Congress building which are the 2 tall white buildings off in the distance.

National Congress Buildings

Monumental Axis

and the 2014 World Cup Stadium

World Cup Stadium

World Cup Stadium in Brazil

Another stop and one of the most visited places at the capital is the Cathedral of Brasilia. The architectural structure is a beautiful creation. The Cathedral is surrounded by a reflection pond with 4 evangelists statues out front: Matthew (Mateus), Mark (Marcos), Luke (Lucas), and John (João).

Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia

St. Marcos

St. Marcos

What is even more amazing is the inside of the Cathedral, when the light shines in, it is very peaceful and beautiful.

Inside Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral of Brasilia

Another stop was a visit to the President of Brazil’s place of work called Palacio do Planalto. This would be the US equivalent to the White House. There is not a gate surrounding it but there is a small moat with koi fish which you have to stay behind.

Palacio do planalto

Palacio do Planalto

The building is also protected by the Presidential Guard Battalion and the Independence Dragoons which one is pictured below. He was roped off so tourists wouldn’t get too close which makes it pretty inefficient if he was to actually try and stop someone from running across the grass.

Independence Dragoon

Independence Dragoon

Another place I took a picture of but didn’t go inside was the Temple of Goodwill which is in the shape of a pyramid

Temple of Goodwill

Temple of Goodwill

There are more places you can visit in Brasilia but I think you can manage to see them all in a day.

Brazilian Flag



I also recommend seeing Itiquira Falls which is about a 2 hour drive from Brasila. Here is a post about my visit.




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