Interesting Art in Calgary

I visited Calgary for the first time and what took me by surprise was the interesting art sculptures around down town.  Many are unique but all are art you can take in while visiting this city. Here are some pieces I took pictures of while here:


Probably the most prominent sculpture is Jaume Plesa’s Wonderland statue which is outside the Bow Building. From far away it looks like it’s made from pliable mesh but it is actually made out of metal. You can even go inside the head. It looks better at night because it is illuminated.



This awesome sculpture of a life sized horse is located on Stephen Ave and made out of mechanical equipment and junk metal parts. Pretty creative!



This interesting sea creature or vertebrae looking sculpture is located 4th Ave and 1st St and its called Spine and Panels. Not very creative name but its something you can’t help but stare at.



This awesome chandelier glass sculpture is by Dale Chihuly (I love his glass art pieces!) and can be found inside Jamison Place Building on the second floor named the Winter Garden area. This would be a great place to grab a cup of coffee and warm up from the cold and enjoy the art.


There are many sculptures and art you can see in Calgary. Here is a Calgary Downtown Art guide that will help you plan your art walk around the city. Enjoy!





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