Get your Amazon Amex Offer Now!

Just in time for holiday shopping, American Express has an offer where you can get a $15 statement credit for a $60 purchase.

To get the offer, you must log into your account, scroll down to your Offers list, and add the offer if it is available.

amazon amex offer

These offers don’t appear on all cards and there is a limit so add this offer asap before it disappears.

If it appears on more than one of your cards, do the multi-browser trick where you open up each of your Amex cards in incognito mode and add the offer in rapid succession. If you don’t do this, the offer will only be added to one of your cards and it will disappear on your other cards.

What I am doing is buying a $60 amazon e-gift card with each of my Amex cards and then adding them to my Amazon giftcard balance. Buying these giftcards should trigger the statement credit.

Not a bad way to save money on your holiday shopping!

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  1. Did you get the statement credit when you bought Amazon e-gift cards?

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