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I use several apps on a regular basis to make sure I keep as much as I can when buying the things that I need or want. Each one has its own unique features on how to earn points to convert to cash/gift cards or cash out right. Below I’ll explain each one:


This app has been around for a while but I’ve kept it around because it has worked and it hasn’t gone away yet. You can earn points on the app which can be converted to gift cards by either walking into select stores offering points (ei Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, etc), scanning barcodes for points, or connecting a credit card to earn points for purchases at select merchants. At Bestbuy, tell the cashier you want to earn Shopkicks for your purchases and they will add your phone number just like they do with BestBuy Rewards.  The app now also functions as a shopping portal where you can earn points by first going through the app before going to a website to make an online purchase. You can start redeeming as low as 500 points which equals $2 for a variety of gift cards.

You have to be proactive about opening the app when walking into a store or else you won’t earn any points. This may sound tedious for only a small amount of points but it could add up. If you are interested, you can download the app here using my affiliate link which will earn me and you 250 points.



This is a fairly new app still in its beta stage that will earn you cash back by connecting your credit cards and making purchases at select restaurants & retailers, many up to 7-10% back. You can even use the app to book hotels which can give you substantial cash back, perfect for those business travelers. They are currently offering 2% cash back at Sam’s Club who sells everything from groceries to tires to giftcards to contacts to electronics, etc.
They are also doing a promotion where you can multiply your cash back up to 10x for sharing your cash back notifications on social media.

You can redeem your cash starting at $15 and it can be transferred to your bank or Paypal account. You can also donate your cash to select charities. If interested, you can use my referral link which will earn me $5 when you connect your card and get your first cash back. You will also get cash back when connecting your first initial card.



This app is also fairly new and I like it because you earn points at merchants that you already shop at on a regular basis. These points can be converted to gift cards with 5k points = $5. How drop works is you connect your credit card accounts by bank by entering your login information. This way all your cards associated with each bank is tracked. You then select 5 merchants that you would like to earn points at. These merchants cannot be changed at all so choose wisely. Some merchants include your favorite grocery, drug stores, fast food, or retailers like HEB, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, McDonalds, Macys, DunkinDonuts, Whole Foods, Safeway, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc.

You can only earn a maximum of 5K points per week not including bonus offers and you can start redeeming for giftcards once you’ve reached 5k points. Giftcards you can redeem for include Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, ITunes, Groupon, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, etc. The app is pretty user friendly and its easy to rack up points. If interested, here is my referral link where I will get 1k points.



I don’t personally use this app but it is like a coupon app that pays you back when you buy specific products at participating merchants. You add the coupons you want on the app from products you want to purchase and you scan your receipts for those products you purchased to the app to earn cash back. This is a little more extra work but if you already clip coupons, this will be a time saver. You can redeem your cash starting at $20 and it can be transferred to your Paypal or Venmo account or you can get gift cards.  If you are interested in the app, here is a referral link where you will earn $10 for redeeming your first rebate (excluding “any receipts offers”) and I will get a $5 bonus.



This is for drivers who have insurance through Allstate. After downloading the app, you need to activate Drivewise. This app will remain open in your phone and track your driving pattern and location. It will be able to tell when you had hard breaking or speeds greater than 80mph. The app offers these points for your safe driving but they are pretty much worthless. The purpose of the app for me is to get cash back for your safe driving which will be a percentage of your premium and is paid out when you start and every six months (mine has been about 2% cash back). If you are interested in the app, you can find the links here.


With most of these apps, you have to give up some personal information whether it is your credit card details, your banking details, or your location. Only do what you feel comfortable with. Are there any other apps you use to earn cash back?



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