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Pay Your Bills with Your Credit Card via Plastiq

Do you have bills that you aren’t able to pay with a credit card? I know I have some ei car payment and a water bill where I can only pay with a bank account or a check. You may have other bills like these such as a student loan payment, HOA fees, or mortgage.

In comes Plastiq, a great way to pay your bills with a credit card. Unlike other solutions, Plastiq processes card payments and sends them in a form that recipients already accept, either via electronic bank transfer or check.  Now you can even send the payment via ACH or Wire transfer. There is a fee to use Plastiq’s service, 2.5% for credit cards or 1% for debit cards.

They are currently having promotions that will reduce these fees:

New Users: If you are new to Plastiq, you can sign up through a referral link (I’ve included mine) and after you have made cumulative payments totaling $500, your next $500 in payments will be fee free!

Mastercard: If you use a Mastercard to pay through the Masterpass payment option, you’ll pay no fees for payments $250 or less for each transaction. Promotion ends Sept 30, 2018

Some important things to note when using Plastiq:






Platiq could help those needing to meet minimum spends on their credit cards or could help individuals earn credit card rewards if the points justify the costs. Also for those who have the Chase Ink Business Preferred card, Plastiq transactions are currently earning 3x points could offset the fees imposed.

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